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Usage Information

Requests from the Club

Requests from the Club

We ask that the items below be strictly observed so that everyone who comes to the club can play comfortably with respect for this club’s history and traditions.



  • Man less than 35 years of age, and women less than 20 years of age will be refused entrance to the club.
  • Please refrain from idling while in the parking lot.
  • Upon arrival at the club, please set your mobile phone to silent mode. Please be considerate to others around you if you find it necessary to use your phone on the course.
  • Members and guests should all follow the custom of greeting each other.
  • Please complete each half of the course within two hours.
  • Repair irregularities created in bunkers.
  • Please place the bunker rakes with the T-shaped portion in the direction of the green. Please refer to the figure to the right for how to place the rake.
  • Please enter and exit the bunker on the low side.
  • Repair ball marks and cleat tracks on greens.
  • Please enter and exit the Tee Ground through the entrance.
  • Please refrain from using your mobile phone while in the dining room. Please leave the dining hall before using your mobile phone.

Dress Code

Please refrain from wearing clothing that is unsuitable for this club or that other guests might find inappropriate. This includes the color of clothing.
Those who come to the club in clothing deemed inappropriate may be refused entry or not permitted to play.

■Clothing at time of arrival

  • In principle, jackets or blazers should be worn year-round.
  • In the summer months (July and August) you are not required to wear a jacket or blazer, but please bring one with you.
  • It is not permitted to come to the club wearing sports shoes, sneakers, sandals, or golf shoes.

■Clothing while on the course

  • Please wear a collared shirt. It is not permitted to wear t-shirts or camouflage clothing.Collars of turtle neck shirts should be folded over if they are longer than 4 cm.
  • Sleeveless women’s shirts should be collared.
    Please tuck in your shirt and wear a belt. However, women’s shirts that are designed not to be tucked in may be worn without being tucked in.
  • It is not permitted to come to the club or play wearing any of the following.
    •Cropped trousers
    •Short skirts
    •Jeans or demin pants
    •Shorts that are too short
    •Capri pants that cover the knees
    •Pants with exterior pockets, such as cargo pants (Pants with internal pockets or other designs are permitted)
    ※ Male customers who do not have slacks can rent some at the locker room. Please feel free to ask us.
  • When wearing shorts that reveal the knees, please wear socks that cover the ankles.
  • Metal cleats are not permitted during any part of play.

■Clothing for the clubhouse and dining room

  • Please do not enter the dining hall with a popped collar.
  • Please refrain from wearing rainwear, zippered jackets, windbreakers, long sleeved undershirts, sleevelets, mirrored sunglasses or hats in the dining room.
    ※Please wear a jacket if you are wearing long sleeved undershirts or sleevelets to the dining room.
  • T-shirts, even worn with a jacket, are prohibited.

ご来場時の服装 プレーの際の服装

* Women may leave shirts untucked if they are designed to be untucked.

Use of Mobile Phones

In principle, the use of mobile phones is prohibited, but in unavoidable circumstances or in cases of emergency, they may be used if the following are observed.

  • Set phones to silent mode.
  • In the clubhouse, please only use mobile phones in designated areas.
  • On the club grounds, in the practice areas, and outside the club near the starter area, please only use mobile phones in areas designated by signs.
  • On the course, please refrain from using mobile phones near the tees and greens.


Please refrain from smoking on the premises. However, smoking is permitted in designated areas.

○ Clubhouse

1st Floor Next to the main entrance and master room
2nd Floor In the smoking room, next to the entryway for the Back Nine (In) course, in the competition room (smoking permitted at the discretion of the person who reserves the competition room)

○ Course

Front Nine (Out) Course
  1st Hole - No smoking areas
  2nd Hole - Behind the back tees, near the cherry trees
  3rd Hole - By the regular tees, near the divot box.
  4th Hole - No smoking areas
  5th Hole - Behind the back tees, near the lightning shelter
  6th Hole - In front of the shop, near the wisteria trellis (near the benches)
  7th Hole - Near the teeing ground benches
  8th Hole - No smoking areas
  9th Hole - No smoking areas

Back Nine (In) Course
  10th Hole - Beneath the eaves of the 10th hole shop on the front tee side
  11th Hole - No smoking areas
  12th Hole - Near the teeing ground benches
  13th Hole - No smoking areas
  14th Hole - Near the lightning shelter and drinking fountain
  15th Hole - Behind the back tees on the shop side
  16th Hole - By the back tees, near the divot box
  17th Hole - Near the evacuation shelter (on the tee ground side)
  18th Hole - No smoking areas

* Golf carts are not equipped with ash trays.
* When smoking, please be respectful of those around you.

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Holding Private Competitions

For those holding private competitions, please see the information below.
→ Information on holding private competitions (PDF)

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You can download Adobe Reader by clicking on the “Get Adobe Reader” link to the left.

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