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Koganei Country Club was founded on October 3rd, 1937.
Koganei Country Club History

1937 - Koganei Country Club Opened
1946 - Requisitioned by occupation forces
1967 - 30th Anniversary Tournament held
1987 - 50th Anniversary Celebration held
2004 - Groundbreaking ceremony for clubhouse held
2012 - 75th Anniversary Celebration held
1933 Ideal place for golf course scouted in Kodaira-mura, Kitatama-gun
1934 Mr. Kiichi Fukagawa inspects Susukishinden, Kodaira-mura
1936 Mr. Fukagawa visits the United States and asks W. Hagen to design the course
Koganei Golf Co., Ltd. Established
1937 Groundbreaking ceremony for golf course
Mr. Shingoro Takaishi appointed first president
Koganei Country Club opened
1943 Club name changed to “Koganei Driving Association” and company name changed to “Koganei Gardens, Co., Ltd.”
1944 Back Nine (In) course loaned to army, practice areas cultivated
1945 Closed during the war, and re-opening efforts begin after the war
1946 Requisitioned by occupation forces
1947 Major flooding damage due to Typhoon Kathleen, wastewater runoff infrastructure strengthened by occupation forces
1951 Club and company name restored to original names
1952 One year lease of facilities to United States military, jointly operated by the United States and Japan
1953 Governance system changed so Mr. Takaishi becomes president and Mr. Naosaburo Tachikawa becomes chairman
Decision to be run independently by Japanese members reached at the general assembly
1956 Course renovation completed (6,755 yards, par 72)
1964 Visit by Jack Nicklaus (returns in 1972)
Visit by Arnold Palmer
1965 Mr. Chikara Kurata appointed chairman
Miyukibashi completed
1967 30th Anniversary Tournament Held
1968 Visit by Gary Player
1970 Mr. Shigeo Nagano appointed chairman
1971 “A 30-Year History of Koganei” published
1984 Mr. Kinichi Asano appointed chairman
1985 Mr. Keisuke Idemitsu appointed chairman
1987 50th Anniversary Celebration held
1988 Mr. Katsuma Tani appointed chairman
1990 “A 50-Year History of Koganei” published
1992 Administrative building, Shin-Miyukibashi, and two course shops completed
1995 Mr. Kaneo Nakamura appointed chairman
2000 Mr. Minoru Murofushi appointed chairman
2003 New Green Purification Ceremony (Course rating 72.2 in 2007)
2004 Groundbreaking ceremony for clubhouse held
2012 Three consecutive victories and eight victories in total at the Kanto Seven Club Ground Senior Goodwill Competition
75th Anniversary Celebration held
2013 “A 75-Year History of the Koganei Country Club” published
Mr. Masamoto Sakamoto appointed chairman

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